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Dominic Dougherty, Station Manager - Bikestation Long Beach



On October 26, 1982, Dominic Matthias Dougherty was born in Long Beach, California to parents James and Marion.


At the age of three, he stole an older playmate's bicycle and rode off with it, never having  ridden before.  When he was 13, Dominic set a record distance bicycle jump of 28 feet       after launching himself from a one foot ramp on a campout.  His bicycle was destroyed in     the process.  The record still stands.


At fifteen, Dominic was working on his cycling merit badge and absolutely fell in love with bicycles and decided that his destiny lies within their spinning wheels. 


On October 22, 2001, Dominic enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.  He was     deployed to Iraq in 2003 and 2005, and Afghanistan in 2004.  He left the Marine Corps        after 1,491 days  of honorable service with the rank of Sergeant and a chest full of medals. 


In late January of 2005, Dominic went to the United Bicycle Institute in Ashland, Oregon   where he became a certified bicycle technician.  Shortly after, Dominic was hired as the Manager of the Long Beach Bikestation, where he teaches road safety and bicycle repair classes, organizes community rides, and keeps your bike safe and sound. 


In early 2008 Dominic hopped a train to San Luis Obispo to attend a seminar to become a League of American Bicyclists Cycling Instructor. He studied his heart out and after passing all required tests, he became League Cycling Instructor #1936.


Some of Dominic's other interests include art galleries, foreign film, Asian cuisine, long distance bicycle touring and giving interviews    and signing autographs.


He enjoys weekly happy hour with friends at Gallagher's, and can often be found at home crafting a delicious meal from the random contents of his cupboards.


Dominic has never had a driver's license.